Giant Battle Monster VS The Subterranean Antler Man

by Giant Battle Monster

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released March 10, 2013

Chris Gerhardt - Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Synth/Vocals
Jeff Courtright - Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Synth/Vocals
Andrew Schmidt - Drums/Synth/Vocals
Justin Clay - Monologues (Something Satanic/Star Ship Anastasia/The Man In The Yellow Hat)
Andrew Smith - The Shred (Mr. Super Famous Race Car Driver)
Skeletor - Vocals (Inspectron Ghajiit/Caldwell 59)
Betty Boop (w/Help From A Few Friends) - Vocals (The Subterranean Antler Man)
Satan - Pitch-Shifter/Post-Production/Instrumentation

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Hyperspeed Megaship Studios by Andrew Schmidt from December 2012 - February 2013

Artwork by María-Elisa Heg



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Subterranean Antler Man
He's the kind of guy
That likes to fuck all the girls
Well, he fucked my mom
And I'd fuck him too

He's the Subterranean Antler Man
Suave stag so cool he was born underground
(Because he wanted to)
Blind from constant darkness, has to see through sound
Call him crude, but you can't argue
A daft buck so smooth you'll steal him your darling
All on your own

He's got tentacles instead of hands
(That's so cool, so fucking cool!)
He's got a hundred-fifty foot wing-span
(What's his name?! What's his name?!)
The Subterranean Antler Man...
(He's on a mission, he's got a plan.)
The Subterranean Antler Man
Track Name: 3KLb. Store Bought Hydraulic Crushing Machine
Bathing in seas of dumb luck and money
For which you didn't have to work too much
A Chronosynclastic Infundibulum
Arthur comes from the void

In the armies of Mars
(I'll do what you want me to do!)
On the iron slab
(I strangled my friend Steven)
I'll abandon my son
(Because I raped his mother)
And I'll forget it all

A thing in my brain will hurt me!
I wrote a note

Chronos, chronos

Every hour brings the earth
Forty-three thousand miles closer
To globular cluster M13

There is no reason why
Good cannot triumph as often as evil
The triumph of anything is a matter of organization
And if angels exist
I hope that they are organized along the same lines of the mafia
Track Name: Caldwell 59
Take me away

I lay down my head
And close my eyes
That's when I float across the room

Float into the light
And land on a slab
Stiff as a board
(Cut me open, see what's inside)
Travel the stars
While they tear me inside out
(Cut me open, see what's inside)

Synaptic fit!
Semantic trick!

Wake up
Open wide

Close your eyes inside the ship
(There's no escaping)
I think we're helping them learn
I'm glad that we could help
Enlighten the human
So we'll uplift their species
Too bad they frighten me
Wake up
I think there's no escape
Open wide
Too bad they frighten me!

The old man on the corner
He told me this would happen
For 25 cents,
He'll tell you a story
But I don't think that that's the future
Dripping from his mouth

Don't you
Track Name: Hail Sithis
Dear sweet mother send your child
sins of the unworthy must be
bathed in blood and fear
And I know we could be friends
Having fun like children, careless
and I could be your mother

We took you scared and all alone
But don't worry
We are here for you

I don't think there's time

Through expanses of silver powder
coated in blood
I'll eat a handful
Tastes like magic
I'll stay alive this time

We are here for you
We now control the human race

There is no more time!

I'm bleeding profusely now
I think I'll slice off my tongue
and offer it to myself
This is a viral strike!
Retrace line infantry
through lunar lava canals
Before we strangle ourselves

My sensors are sensing
The creature is here

Moon base one to moon base two
Get your shit together
Pull the fucking lever
Lockdown is the only choice

You're all fools
We pulled the plug
Operation overlord is here
Surrender yourselves to us or else

What (What)
No (Yes)
Fuck (Fuck)
You (You)
Operation overlord is here
Superheterodyne death!
Track Name: Something Satanic
All you see open-faced and opened wide
Dusted with addicted fast-food comatose terminology
Concrete sourdough
You bet the moments of ecstasy
Out of the intercourse of the real rational
Business held its breath

While I laughed and made a wish

Dance club victims stumble out worn out
Marionettes with rosy cheeks
And my big dragonfly pendant
Dirty Joe on the corner throwing voices
Destructively amidst the bleakness of the despairing streets

Noble gases escape through the pores in the sidewalk

The leader
Booted, leather knife toting, ruffian
Sits crossed-legged chewing
On a frayed stump of moldy cigar
Twisting copper telephone wire
Into diabolical little scorpions and spiders
Setting them amidst the smooth limestone tiles
Of the sweeping skyscrapers

Guarding the domain of the sea-urchins
With a pagan spell
Cephalized salamander
I'll make you dance with this dark magic...

Blind and thirsty under the road
I'm hearing the howls of
Eighteen-wheelers, broken bones, and the clenching of teeth
And truck stop drippings
That little light of mine
Shines through the subterranean devil's sinkhole

Unnatural gas wells and slippery ladders
And the churning vat
Where all of the city's excretions whirl into a maelstrom
I dropped my light down there
And they sent me down there to get it
Down to the city of dystonia
And the rivers of hungry human hands
And the yawning graves and mouths of titans
I chant amidst the flickering souls

Hand in the cell animated dark ones' eyes
Thin the mess and the shadows rise up

Embody me, embody me
Oh, here's to my sweet little path down the sink
That led me to thee
You will see the silhouette out of the pale, fractured moon-beams
It has fuzzy fourteen pound antlers
And wooden screws in its' skull
With enormous eyes

Where do you come from
Oh dark, aching creature
So drunk on its lack of sensation
And whimpering for attention
Hands that clasp and unclasp nervously
And eyes that grow tired and hollow as the spark that made your mother Cry
Track Name: The Man In The Yellow Hat
If this maple syrup exists
Then millions of ghost particles are passing through it
What is my body engulfing
When I lay down in osmosis
That facilitates the passage of time

That hungry creature it is
Causes my entire self to shutter
With a tingly mysterious delight

That afternoon delight
Peels my skeleton
Like a ravenous miniature king
With cubicle teeth
Curled business tie
Watery bulging eyes
Pinned back with needles

It sings to me like a sexy little shaman
That swivels its hips
With metal bars shoved through its unbleeding cheeks


I have discovered the grandest me