3KLb. Store Bought Hydraulic Crushing Machine

from by Giant Battle Monster



Bathing in seas of dumb luck and money
For which you didn't have to work too much
A Chronosynclastic Infundibulum
Arthur comes from the void

In the armies of Mars
(I'll do what you want me to do!)
On the iron slab
(I strangled my friend Steven)
I'll abandon my son
(Because I raped his mother)
And I'll forget it all

A thing in my brain will hurt me!
I wrote a note

Chronos, chronos

Every hour brings the earth
Forty-three thousand miles closer
To globular cluster M13

There is no reason why
Good cannot triumph as often as evil
The triumph of anything is a matter of organization
And if angels exist
I hope that they are organized along the same lines of the mafia


from Giant Battle Monster VS The Subterranean Antler Man, released March 10, 2013
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Chris Gerhardt
Andrew Schmidt
Chris Dunaway
Jeff Courtright



all rights reserved