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Take me away

I lay down my head
And close my eyes
That's when I float across the room

Float into the light
And land on a slab
Stiff as a board
(Cut me open, see what's inside)
Travel the stars
While they tear me inside out
(Cut me open, see what's inside)

Synaptic fit!
Semantic trick!

Wake up
Open wide

Close your eyes inside the ship
(There's no escaping)
I think we're helping them learn
I'm glad that we could help
Enlighten the human
So we'll uplift their species
Too bad they frighten me
Wake up
I think there's no escape
Open wide
Too bad they frighten me!

The old man on the corner
He told me this would happen
For 25 cents,
He'll tell you a story
But I don't think that that's the future
Dripping from his mouth

Don't you



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